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St. David's Church

Long Lane



Cheshire, CW7 4DN

Our Services

		31st October	United at Church Minshull

		7th November	Morning Prayer  11am
		14th Novmber	Remembrance Service  10.50am
		21st November	Holy Communion  11am
		28th November	Christingle  6.00pm
		5th December	Morning Prayer  11am

Resources to enable you to worship wherever you are can be found here.

Church Officers

Vicar: Rev. Anne Lawson
Tel 01270 628864

Ann Nicholas 01270 528273
Isobel Burnley 01270 624521
Mr.Robert Brooks 01270 528278
Mr. R. Nicholas 01270 528273
Organist: Mr. R. Nicholas 01270 528273
PCC Secretary: Mrs. H. Pope 01270 528755
PCC Treasurer: Mrs. Gail Ward Tel 01606 554869.

Rev.Anne Lawson

Rev. Anne Lawson



Our church is at the centre of village activities and provides a home for many groups


Calveley School Christingle Service
St. Davids is closely associated with Calveley Primary School. Calveley School Website (opens in a new window)

Special Events

Baptisms and Funerals

Should you wish to be baptised at St. Davids or to organise a funeral or burial service please contact either the Vicar or one of the Church Wardens listed at the top of this page.

Chester Diocese
Are you interested in the wider Anglican Church?
For more information visit the Chester Diocese website

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